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Empowering minds one coin at a time!

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Turn sunk screen time into a golden opportunity!
Early Earners App empowers kids transforming their average 7.5 hours daily screen time into an engaging, educational landscape where screen time becomes a springboard for success.
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Functionality you will love


Easy, biometric onboarding

Unlock your world in a snap! Experience seamless, secure biometric onboarding that's as easy as a touch.


Curriculum complimenting Modules

The modules are designed to follow the educational curriculum and offer customized reflective learning experiences that your kids will enjoy!

Hassle-free transfer of earnings


Learning and Earning has never been easier! Your kid's every achievement is rewarded with real-world coins, effortlessly transferred to their own account.


End to End encryption

Reveal worry-free learning for your little ones! Our  learning app comes with end-to-end encryption, turning education into a safe and secure digital playground.


Reflective and life skill learning

Ignite young minds with real-world wisdom! Our app nurtures life skills for future success, turning every lesson into a fun and engaging adventure.

Discover the power of progress!


Our innovative dashboard and analytics empower parents and kids to track their journey, celebrate achievements, and unlock their full potential together.

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Soon to be in app stores!

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