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About Early Earners

Brace yourselves for an educational revolution! Early Earners is blazing new trails in extra-curricular learning, so get ready to shake things up and transform the way we learn.

We are developing our app with the purpose of offering to parents and caretakers an easy tool to better manage their kids' pocket money while refocusing their daily screen time towards educative materials. 


Our work is about sparking your kids' curiosity with our engaging learning modules! They'll have a blast as they learn and earn pocket money, turning knowledge into a rewarding adventure! 


We envision a world where children are excited to learn and parents are actively involved in their educational journey, creating a future where education is not just about grades, but about growth, engagement, and empowerment.


We'd love to disrupt the extracurricular educational landscape by integrating learning with a rewarding system, fostering a lifelong pull for learning amongst children.


Our mission is to empower parents and caretakers in shaping their children's education and motivating them to learn through a rewarding and engaging platform.

We strive to create a balanced learning environment that combines knowledge growth with financial literacy, fostering a sense of responsibility and achievement amongst young generations.

Soon to be in app stores!

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